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Coronavirus : the disease can survive for several days in the body of patients

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At the time of the coronavirus is a question of world order, many new emerging on the Internet reflecting the need to proceed with caution. This news is the example made flesh. The COVID 19 may remain in the body of the patient for several days. A new maddening that calls for the containment until further notice. This explanation we is relayed by our colleagues from TheExpress, Bloomberg and CBS News. This information is also supported on an enlightening study published in the scientific journal The Lancet. A scientific conclusion that is of concern, and to which a number of doctors to confirm it, with explanation.

Nothing is more certain that the coronavirus is a threat to be taken seriously in the order of containment is controlled by the authorities. And for good reason, this pandemic now involves 25 countries in the world. A time where everyone must take responsibility, a news concerned. According to a study, and many in the media, the COVID 19 can stay for several days in the body of patients. An assertion which calls for caution in the face of risk exponential of contamination.

A study worrying

The scientific journal The Lancet we book there information head-to-head. According to the conclusions of experts, the virus of Wuhan could stay for at least three weeks in the body of patients. A worrisome finding that calls for caution constant. And this information is also relayed by many media sources proved that the Express, Bloomberg, and CBS News. What impose the responsibility and the consciousness of all citizens of the world.

Information relayed by the media

Our confreres of the Express do not budge. A report is based on no fewer than 191 people, published in the journal of The Lancet based on the danger that represents the COVID 19 of December to January. Toll : 54 dead. Only, these victims were contagious for more than three weeks after their death. News that are also confirmed by the information site Bloomberg that relays the information that the virus can live for several days after contamination. The news also confirmed by our fellow americans CBS News . Only, the about the study vary by recalling that this latter has reached no conclusion as to the question of the extent to which this persistence could lead to contamination in other people. A assumption in abeyance, therefore, but none the less worrisome.

The coronavirus remains on the surfaces

In the same vein of concern, the Washington Post reveals a key piece of information. A team of researchers has concluded that the new coronavirus chinese can persist surcertaines surfaces. The conclusions these experiments argue that the virus of Wuhan can potentially remain viable and infectious for more than 24 hours on a piece of cardboard and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel. Details that call more than ever for caution and the need to take all the necessary measures to prevent contamination. Among them : wear masks, stay indoors, wash hands every hour. It is also imperative to protect the people most vulnerable to contamination in COVID 19, a life-threatening disease. These potential victims are particularly the elderly, those who suffer from an autoimmune disease or diabetes. It is also essential to protect children at a young age and learn the basic gestures to guard the face of the pandemic. It is a collective responsibility to ensure awareness of those around us so that the contamination by the sars coronavirus is not exponential. It is important to not minimize the risk because this pandemic has reached many countries around the world and the list of victims lengthens. It is essential to be attentive to the symptoms and react quickly in the event of potential contamination.

What are the symptoms of COVID 19 ?

To react quickly to this threat, it is important to know the signs and take the right actions to be able to treat it. Among the symptoms we distinguish a state of general tiredness, a dry cough, a runny nose which may be accompanied by difficulty breathing severe. It is essential to react, because this disease can cause death and a minimum of significant complications. In the presence of one or more of these physical manifestations, immediately contact the AMBULANCE service.

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