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A woman coronavirus has posted a video to warn people who think that this doesn’t happen not


It would seem again that a lot of people give themselves a “too-full” confidence in their immune system through these difficult time relating to the pandemic of the sars coronavirus. The scourge of the Covid-19 does not cease to decimate every day thousands of people to the four corners of the globe and yet, there are those who, despite everything, “throw a life to the fullest” without a doubt, in the end, that it is the reverse which could be the watch. Under the pretext that the immune system is good, one might think that the disease will not touch while the other will believe the conspiracy. And it is in this register that the warning of a patient in columbia falls at point named. Testimony relayed by our colleagues from the Dailymail.

“It’s like having glass in his lungs,” says this mom, breathing choppy. While it is filmed in his state of convalescence, she tries in this way to warn of the dangers of coronavirus that has come to have because of her nonchalance, she was in a good shape, in good health and supporter of the gym.

Medical follow-up

Tara Jane Langston has 39 years old, expresses the extent to which each breath is for it a ” fight “. Finally out of intensive care, she is now recovering.

On Friday 13 march, this mother of two children was rushed in emergency to the hospital. Sunday, march 22, she was diagnosed positive at Covid-19.

In an effort warning, she filmed with her cellphone in the intensive care unit, where she invites everyone to take very seriously the deadly virus. It is breathless that she decided to share this video the next day by sending it in message form Whatsapp to his co-workers.

All of this had started more than a week before his positive test. In fact, she had been diagnosed initially with an infection in the chest that the medicines were antibiotics as well as ibuprofen and paracetamol.

“This is absolutely horrible and I would not like to ever experience that. I was sick for about five days before being transported to the hospital by ambulance ”

“I had originally received a diagnosis of infection in the chest, taking as treatments of antibiotics, ibuprofen and paracetamol I was advised to take. I took about eight ibuprofen per day, and they think now that this has exacerbated the problem “

A video warning to be taken very seriously

Ms. Langtson is recovering from his ordeal after contracting the virus Covid-19.

What is to be noted with this video that made the buzz in the social networks, is that the risk threatens not only the elderly or those who have a health problem.

With firmness, she warns smokers to stop any of the following cigarettes : “you need your lungs, and, please, nobody take this risk ”

It supports the motif of his video by mentioning the presence of two similar cases to his, and who were in the intensive care unit. These were not elderly and had overall around the fifty. The warning, therefore, is addressed to young people who do not think to be likely to get the disease.

After praising the sensational effort of the medical staff, she says they are short of masks while expressing his concern for them when they will be overwhelmed by a virus that continues to grow.

Langston was all the more appalled when she had witnessed the spectacle of people living in the metros, or those of the customers of bars that are gathered in mass. Moreover, these customers were coming out to party in the pubs for St. Patrick’s day, despite warnings against the coronavirus, as stated in METRO.

saint patricksaint patrick

She says that being infected has changed its point of view in explaining this : “people need to realize that they need to self-isolate, it is the only way. Believe me. ”

She admits to the occasion, to have had the same nonchalant attitude towards what he was before being infected. It was not the kind to adhere to all this hysteria.

Hysteria more than ever justified, and which fits in with the motif of his video that it will have sent to his colleagues who were supposed to meet for a training and as well, discourage them from turning the plan into reality.

The husband of Langston, Richard assumes that the infection of his wife derives its origin from their visit to the city of Auschwitz in Poland, where there were people all over the world. He also thinks that it would have also been able to contract the virus by going to the gym. In any case, as she says in her video, its state is ten times better than before.

The preventive measures against the virus Covid-19

– Wash hands thoroughly with soap and if we don’t have access to water, it is necessary to use the gel, hydro-alcoholic

– Respect a distance of at least 1 meter with the other

– Avoid close contact and kissing

– Avoid touching the face, specifically the mouth, nose and eyes

– Cough and sneeze into the elbow, and using disposable tissues for this purpose

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